by Ariel Roberts

Greeting! Hope you had a merry christmas and hope you have a good new year! I've been busy working on strips and just now got the time to update the website. I added some new stuff and fixed some more off the broken links and am hopeful that it's getting better.
Nothing much new to report. The holidays are a time when I try not to do too much work. However with the new year I intend to get a lot more done. Anyway happy new year!

Ariel 12/27/08

hey guys! It was brought to my attention that some of my links weren't working. I fixed all the ones I know of. If you come across any that don't work let me know. I appreciated. The software that I use to create the web pages with doesn't always mesh with the comic genesis software. I'm not blaming anyone it's still a learning process for me. I working on completely redoing the website and should have it done soon. I want to clean it up and make it more stream lined. I want to add all those bells and whistles and shine stuff that make websites super cool!
I've been working really hard to make more strips and feel like they're getting better and better. I'm in this for the long haul folks so if you stick with it your going to be impressed. I'm also working on submitting it to syndicator and publishers. the more support the website gets the better chance Space Princess has for success. So I do appreciate all your support.
Man Christmas is coming up really fast isn't it. Are you guys ready? I'm done shopping, but have wrapped nothing yet. Well I hope you guys have a great Christmas season and a happy new year.

Ariel 12/13/08

So I hope you had a great thanksgiving! I feel like I gained ten pounds. I never want to eat again! Well at least until Christmas diner.

So I've added a new page to the web site. It's a page dedicated to the cast of SpacePrincess. I wanted to add this page to give you guys an idea who each of the characters are. I know some times when you read a daily strip you see a character and go huh!? who's that. Especially the smaller characters who only show up a couple times a year. So this way you guys can have an idea who's who.

I've added a link on my main page for a friends web store. It's He sell's and colects old toys. He has a lot of stuff from a lot of different toy lines. His specialty is transformes and is very knowledgable about them. He's an old friend so I thought I'd give him some free advertising. So if your interested check it out here.

Ariel 11/30/08

Hey! everybody, how's it going? I have to say I'm really happy that the website is doing so well! I had a goal for how many hits I want to get this month( I thought a pretty ambitious goal too) and I've already surpassed that with a third of the month left! So thanks to everyone for visiting!

I have a lot of interests that I like to incorporate into Space Princess. Math, Science , history, literature, religion, etc... I like the idea of have such topics as a background or launching points for gags. It adds a level of depth to what could be an ordinary joke. Now I don't claim to be an expert on any one of these subjects but, I do do research and put effort into being accurate.

At times, probably more often than I'd like to see, I'm going to be wrong. Now before you guys get on my case with angry emails let me say this. Shannon's only ten. Part of growing up and learning is working through complex ideas. So when Shannon brings stuff up its her attempts to better understand the world and sometimes she, like a lot of us, doesn't always get thing on the first try. Is that a good enough excuse? I hope so because its the only one I'm giving.

Happy Thanksgiving people! Have a safe and enjoyable holiday and be good to your family and loved ones.

Ariel 11/22/08

Hello again friends, just a couple of quick notes today. First off I'm in the process now of looking for a syndication company and a publisher. I'd like to be able to put Space Princess in to print both daily in newspapers and in book form. I'm thinking about having some comic book versions published and doing a larger book format. I'm also working on some merchandise like tee shirts, stickers, pin, etc... and hope to add a store to my web site in the up coming months.
If you guys haven't gone to the myspace page you should check it out. I've add a lot more of my art work and some of my thoughts on Space Princess. I just added a few of the original drawings of Shannon. These were the drawings I did around the fall of 1996. They were done on the back of an econ test since I rarely paid attention in that class. If you look at them you see how raw the characters were in the beginning. I thought it'd be cool for you guys to see see some of these sketches.

Ariel 11/15/08

Greetings friends and welcome. Things have been going well in the Space Princess world. I've been working hard to produce these strips so enjoy. I've made a myspace page for the strip and plan to put a lot of material there and if you want to leave coments go right ahead.

I've just made an archive page since there is getting to be a lot of strips posted and this will make it easier for you guys to find a strip. This web design stuff is alien to me so it's taking me some time to get the site up to it's full potential. right now most of the extra stuff, a blog, a gallery ect..., are on the my space page. It's just easier for the time being to put that stuff there. In the future i hope to put that stuff here.

Space Princess is meant to be a mix of absurdity and sincerity. Some strips are suposed to be completly insane where as others are intended to be very personal. I like to keep a strong balance between the two. I like both types of story telling and want to use both of them. It's tough some times to make emotional strips that are funny but, I feel these strips are important to character development.

Well i've been up and running for almost two months now. In comic strip terms thats not much but you got to start somewhere.

Ariel 11/7/08

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