by Ariel Roberts

Yo! This is the cast page of SpacePrincess. Here is where you can find out who's who in the SpacePrincess universe. As the strip goes on there is an every increasing number of charaters and it can be hard to keep track of them, sometimes I forget who's who. So as new characters are introduced I'll add an entry here.
Shannon Epstein: The hero of Space Princess, a mischievous tomboy.

K'lara: The space princess of SpacePrincess.

Erika Epstein: Shannon's mom and lead singer of the Lady Bugs.

Trisha Jones: Erika's best friend and the drummer of the Lady Bugs.

Shoo Park: Erika and trisha's friend and the bass player of the Lady Bugs.

The Lady Bugs: Erika Trisha and Shoo's punk rock band.

Suzy Finstein: Shannon's 4th grade teacher.

Thalo Star: A super hero that roams around the SpacePrincess universe.

Queen Luta: The queen of the planet Pluto and a friend to Shannon.

Dee: A martian girl who goes on adventure with shannon and K'lara.

Janet: shannon's baby sitter. Her dad and Trisha are newly dating.

Anya: Shannon calls her her arch enemy, but really they are friends.

more to come...

let me know what you guys think! Your comments, questions, or criticisms are welcome. I'll try my best to respond to your emails.

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